Summer Garden Party

Dorcas Craft Group: meets on the third Saturday of the month in St Andrew’s Church Hall from 11am-3pm to enjoy lots of different crafts. We ask for a donation of £5 to cover the cost of materials and any surplus funds are given to support the ongoing refugee crisis, as are sales of any items we have made.

The Fellowship: the Fellowship is open to all members of the congregation. We gather after the corporate Communion (10.00am – 1st Thursday of each month) for coffee and a chat in the church hall, and enjoy organised outings together.

Book Club: each month on a Wednesday evening, we meet in the home of a member to share reactions to that month’s chosen book, as well as refreshments! All are welcome to this sociable occasion. At the recent celebration of our 10 year anniversary, we calculated that over 100 books have been read!

Contemplative Walks: once per month except during winter, everyone is welcome to join a planned walk, for about 45 minutes, when we move at our own pace in silence, in the awareness that the Lord walks with us, and speaks through the created world around us. We take coffee together afterwards, so that we can share our experience.