13th April – Bird Song Walk

21st April 2019

willow warbler

The first St Andrew’s Bird Song Walk took place on Saturday April 13th. Eleven bleary-eyed but eager members and friends set off at 7 am and enjoyed discovering more about the varied bird life of Milngavie from warblers newly arrived from Africa to buzzards, a dipper in the river and two deer. Thanks to Tim who shared his knowledge of bird life and bird song including a chiffchaff, blackcap and willow warbler which can be heard on the links below.










Chiffchaff: https://www.british-birdsongs.uk/chiffchaff/?type769

Willow Warbler: https://www.british-birdsongs.uk/willow-warbler/

Blackcap: https://www.british-birdsongs.uk/blackcap/