12th October – Labyrinth Dedication

12th October 2019

After several months of allowing the Labyrinth in Lennox Park to take shape, today we held a small ceremony of blessing and dedication. The sun shone briefly at the start before it was time to take cover under umbrellas and waterproofs! Together with those of us from St Andrew’s were friends from other Milngavie churches & also the Milngavie Community Development Trust & Councillor Jim Gibbons.

Andrea explained about the history of Labyrinths, which goes back thousands of years & was originally a pagan creation but is now becoming an important feature of many communities bringing a spiritual dimension to the lives of those of many different faiths or none. Walking round the path of the Labyrinth gives time aside from the stresses of modern life to reflect/pray as well as providing some fun for the young at heart!

Tim told us about how the idea came about, inspired by visit to a Labyrinth at St Columba’s Church in Largs. He described the process of its creation in collaboration with the Council as another way of enhancing the facilities of Lennox Park for the local community. Thanks go to Robert, Freda and Tim for all the work done in bringing the idea to fruition.

Gail led us in a short poetic reflection focusing on the experience of walking round the path of the Labyrinth and then after the singing a song entitled Pilgrimage to a well known tune, Andrea said a prayer, dedicating the Labyrinth site and blessing those who will walk upon it.

After the ceremony, Gavin’s Mill provided a dry and welcoming venue for us to gather, fitting us all around several tables pushed together where we enjoyed chat over coffee, hot chocolate & home-made baking.

Rain didn’t dampen spirits and we look forward to walking the Labyrinth path in its beautiful setting with a backdrop of trees, on many future occasions.

We draw apart from busy life

to set aside some space,

and see afresh with open eyes

the beauty of this place

Refreshed in body, mind and soul

we return to our daily round,

our eyes and ears attuned to God,

to serve with love new found.