19th October – Candle-making at Dorcas

28th October 2019

Following on from the success of last month’s candle-making, there was a chance again to do it today. The hall quickly filled up with the smell of hot wax intermingled with the wafts of essential oils as we set about making our individual candles with choices of container, colour & essence all to be made. The process involved some careful measuring and weighing to select the correct width of wick and amount of wax flakes. It was all very relaxing, stirring the flakes and watching them gradually melt as the colour spread & then seeing the wax slowly become solid and lighter in shade as the candle took shape. Some candles were made from beeswax, which was surprisingly easy to manipulate with the help of a hair drier! At the end of the session there was a wonderful array of candles in different shapes and sizes, some also with extra decorative accessories. Our thanks go to Gail for all her preparation to make the day so relaxing and enjoyable as well as fun.


test candles